Ruth England

Ruth England is an author, photographer, TV journalist and TV producer who has spent decades specializing in adventure travel, survival and wildlife, often under extreme conditions.


News Anchor – After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography and Film and a Post Graduate Diploma in Interactive Design, Ruth trained as journalist with UK news agency ITN and was News Anchor for Channel Five News and CNBC.


Photographer – Ruth also worked as a photographer for the Telagu Film Industry in India and Switzerland and in her early 20s she embedded as photographer with the Iban tribe in the heart of the Borneo rainforest. She is currently shooting images for her new book.


Wildlife – Ruth’s own camera work has taken her across the globe from the South Pacific to the Arctic Circle. Her work with wildlife includes tracking tigers in Nepal, filming mountain gorillas in Rwanda, swimming with sharks in Australia and much more.


Survival food – She has slept rough in the Amazon jungle, the Alaskan bush, the Okavango Delta, the Chihuahua Desert and survived on such delicacies as maggots, tadpoles, tree bark and carrion whilst learning primitive wilderness survival practices in many, many locations all over the world.


Producer and Host – Ruth was producer on the hit Discovery Channel show Man Woman Wild and Travel Channel’s Lost Survivors. She has hosted shows on location and in the studio for Fox TV, ITV, Channel Five, Channel Four, Sky, BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, HGTV and CNBC.


Book – Ruth England’s new book The Parent’s Guide to Training Children in Urban and Wilderness Survival is published by Skyhorse in 2018.


Ruth spends her free time with her young son.

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You can see a detailed portfolio of Ruth's work in television and film on her IMDb site


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